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ACM-XFH 1050

ACM-XFH1050 Machine 

The machine is fully automatic with combination of mechanical & hydraulic motions and makes gelatine capsule bodies and caps by a dipping process and joins them in a completely automatic process.

The pin Bars, in groups of six are dipped into gelatine, ensures even spread of gelatine over the pins and them raised to upper deck, the bars are automatically pushed through on upper drying kiln. From the upper deck, the groups of pin bars are automatically lowerted by an elavator to a lower deck and pushed through lower drying kiln. The bars are now deposited on platforms, one for cap bars and one for body bars and pushed into the automatic section. At the atuomatic section, the capsules are stripped from the pins by stripper jaws and moves forward into collates. These collates rotate, while cutting knives trim each capsule to its proper length. A vacuum removes all trimings. The collet moves these capsule halves to the center of the machine, where they are pushed into stepped joiner blocks. The collets withdraw, leaving the joined capsules in the joiner block, from where ejector rods push them into conveyor belt and out of the machine. The stripped Pin Bars at Automatic are further pushed forward by the next Pin Bars to the Greaser Unit,and as they do, two greaser' heads move over the pins, applying a light film of lubricant. They are now ready to begin the dipping process once more.

The machine is built from high precision components having the desired metallurgical and heat treatment characteristics resulting in low wear and tear, low maintenance and longer life. It is a highly reliable, operator friendly machine having high productivity and efficiency with negligible rejection.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Automatically controlled centralized two line metered lubrication system
  • Fail safe sensitive safety features.
  • Use of PLC system for reliable and flexible control operation.
  • Totally solid state sensing devices.
  • Short circuit and overload protected low voltage regulated D.C control supply.
  • Use of operator interface for fault message/text display and data logging
  • PID auto tuned digital temperature controller with solid state switchng for heater
  • Seperate dipping cam for cap and body for individual setting of dipping characteristic
  • Application of hydraulics for  Deck Pusher and Rear Elevator functions for more flexibility, less setting time and user friendly operations.

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