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PM4 Machine 

PM4, the plug making machine produces filter rods at speeds upto 2500 rods per minute (at a maximum speed of 175 meters per minute).

Processed tow or  paper is fed into the machine from a seperate tow processing unit driven by the PM4 or from a paper reel stand. The PM4  is suitable for handling cellulose acetate type tow and the PM4 'S' paper type materials. The continuous rod is formed wrapped in paper, sealed, cut into multiple lengths and delivered to a hand catcher, automatic tray filling unit or automatic converyer system.

'L' and 'S' model machines are supplied with fixed type drums, starch pasting unit, rod lap sealing heaters, rod cut off unit, rod break-out detectors and 1 or 2 row forward or rear facing rod hand catchers. 'L' model machines are supplied with 3-folder garnitures and 'S' model machines are supplied with single folder garnitures. Either model can alternatively be equipped with hand adjustable 'D' shaped folder garnitures. 'S' model machines are fitted with pre-compression parts, variable speed drive for main motor and the complete electrical/electronic system.

TOW PROCESSING UNIT DRIVE: Main drive for tow-processing unit is transmitted by an extension shaft at the end of the machine bed.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Expanding type drum in lieu of fixed type drum. Spring loaded paster nozzle and ceramic wheel in lieu of standard. Rod feed in device, centerline gumming, rod ejection parts, solex gauging equipment. Automatic diameter control. PVA pasting equipment.

LINK UP: Suitable for linking to tray filling units (TFU) or Molins overhead spiral conveyor and resirvoir (OSCAR) to automate plug handling and inspection system (APHIS).

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